Wedding Celebrant

As your wedding celebrant, I will create a beautiful, bespoke wedding ceremony

Planning a wedding is such a busy, exciting time, with so many decisions to make. One of the most important decisions is what kind of ceremony you would like. It deserves a lot of thought because the moment you make your commitment is the true heart of your wedding day.

Your love story is unique. So why not tell it in a unique way, with a ceremony created just for you?  Instead of opting for something that’s off-the-peg, why not choose something tailored for you?  A bespoke wedding is a fresh, modern ceremony which truly reflects your personalities and your style.

As your wedding celebrant, I’ll be finding out whether you want something formal or relaxed, energetic, or laid-back. Do you love tradition, or are you a bit quirky? Are there any readings or music that are particularly special to you? Do you have beliefs, interests and passions that you want reflected in your ceremony?

From a spiritual perspective, your ceremony can draw inspiration from any religion or tradition. If you have different beliefs or faiths, we can combine elements from both. In addition, we can include a symbolic ritual, such as handfasting, or a unity candle.

My weddings are creative, fun and inclusive. I take an enthusiastic, can-do approach. I make time for us to get to know each other and I’ll be in regular contact, right up to your wedding date. When the big day arrives, you will feel relaxed, confident and able to take everything in.

I want your wedding ceremony to be everything you hope for and I want you to love every minute!

Alicen Dines, wedding celebrant

What’s different about a celebrant wedding

  • Your wedding ceremony is uniquely written for you – different from anyone else’s
  • Your wedding is full of your choices – free from boring rules and regulations
  • Your wedding reflects your style, personality, beliefs – and your wedding theme
  • You benefit from my years of experience and I offer lots of useful advice on what makes a wonderful ceremony
  • You will feel so much more confident and relaxed on the day because we’ve got to know each other

How to plan your wedding

UK celebrants are not able to perform the legal marriage ceremony, so the legal marriage is separate from the bespoke celebration. Most couples arrange their legal registration of marriage at a UK registry office or abroad. You can do this wherever and whenever you want in advance of your wedding day.

The simplest legal ceremony costs just £50. You pay more for the use of a function room, or for the registrars to come to your (licensed) venue.

As an ex-registrar myself, I know how to make your legal ceremony and your wedding celebration complement each other perfectly.

How I work with you

We’ll chat face to face, via email and on the phone to develop your wedding. I will get to know you, listen to your hopes and plans for the day. Be assured that planning your ceremony will be a fun, collaborative experience!

My fee for a wedding ceremony is £500 which includes:

  • initial face-to-face meeting – usually 2 hours*
  • creation of the ceremony concept
  • writing and editing of a full, bespoke script
  • ongoing contact with you and the venue co-ordinator
  • a second follow-up meeting, ideally at the venue
  • leading the ceremony on the day
  • a presentation copy of the full wedding celebration and certificate
  • travel costs – within a 20 mile radius of DT6

*If you are based abroad, we will have the equivalent time using the magic of Skype, phone and email.

How to book your wedding

If you would like to book your ceremony, please contact me to reserve the date. Also, if you’d like to discuss your wedding or have any questions, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

“We just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. You kept us all giggling and created a wonderful and relaxed ceremony which is exactly what we both wanted. Thank you for making our day so very special”

Exchanging wedding rings
Symbolic handfasting during a wedding ceremony
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